Gary Vision: Blog en-us (C)Gary Illman (Gary Vision) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Gary Vision: Blog 94 120 Cibola Farms One of the best places We've found to take pictures was at Cibola Farms, Culpepper,Va.  Cibola farms is a working ranch, primarily raising bison.  They allow self guided walking tours.  Here are some photos:


You can get up close and personal with the buffalo.  They're not really tame, but they're friendly enough.  That's a reflection of me in his eye.














Here's Gail taking a pic. 














Lots of juveniles















Now I'm in Trouble

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Lumen Festival The main features of some of my newer pictures were taken at the Lumen Festival


LUMEN is not a traditional film festival or gallery art experience. It is a one-day, 6-hour festival that features

video and performance art by emerging artists and more established artists at the forefront of their media.
LUMEN begins before the sun sets and continues until midnight. Videos, performances, and installations

occur simultaneously. There is no “main stage” or center focus, instead visitors are invited to safely and

organically discover art scattered throughout the site.
LUMEN 2013 was held on Saturday, June 15th, 2013; 6pm to midnight. 


Here are some examples:     (Performers in order are Matthew Silver, Mauricio Alejo, Alien Moon Project, Elana Katz)


Performer: Matthew SilverMatthew Silver x 3 Food for Thought Summer Lady See Alice


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Perhaps a few expainations would help                       


Meet Gar.  Some say he looks just like Emmet Kelly.  But actually he's a painting a cousin gave me for a wedding present, and has been hanging over my desk ever since.  As you can see, he's gone on many adventures... or perhaps....  








And the bull... just thought I'd have some fun with mundane content.

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